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The Stanford Center for Cancer Systems Biology (CCSB) is one of twelve National Centers for Systems Biology funded by the National Institute of Health and National Cancer Institute. The Center is located at Stanford University School of Medicine and represents a multi-disciplinary collaboration.

The Stanford CCSB focuses on the analysis of cancer as a complex biological system. A cornerstone of the program is the development and implementation of novel computational methods, whose applications are deeply integrated into our three complementary experimental projects in AML, Follicular Lymphoma, and T-ALL. The integration of experimental biology with mathematical modeling will result in new insights in the biology and new approaches to the management of cancer.

Taken as a whole, we will provide a systems-level, network-focused view of the role of differentiation in cancer. The program brings clinical and basic cancer researchers together with researchers from mathematics, information technology, imaging sciences, and computer science to work on key questions in cancer biology.


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